Technical Analysis Course

We provide the art and science of stock trading step by step to make sure you are getting best knowledge for trading so that you don’t have to take years to master trading. I will share Simple actions that make big results in the technical analysis course.
Get Lifetime Access to the Training videos , This is not a one time webinar or a seminar , watch when ever time permits you watch as many as times you want to .
We do not provide any kind of calls or any other kind of financial or investment advice , We believe in you analyzing the charts yourself , that will make you a better trader

Lecture 1

  • What is market ?
  • Basic 8 rules for smart traders

Lecture 2

  • What is Technical Analysis ?
  • What are Charts
  • What are Candlestick ?

engulfing candle, hammer candle , hanging men, shooting star candle , piercing candle, dark cloud cover candle, spinning top candle , doji candle.

Lecture 3

  • What is Technical Analysis ?
Types of indicator
  • Relative strength index (RSI)
  • Bollinger band
  • Moving average (MA)
  • Average directional index (ADX)
  • Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
  • Volume weighted average price (VWAP)

Lecture 4

  • Chart patterns

Falling Wedge , Bullish rectangle, Bullish pennant, Rising wedge, Bearish Rectangles, Bearish pennant, Double top, Head and shoulder, Double bottom, Inverse Head and Shoulder , Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, Symmetrical Triangle

Lecture 5

  • What is Support and Resistance in the technical analysis course?

Lecture 6

  • What is trend lines ?

Lecture 7

  • How to trade stocks using indicators
  • Moving average and Super trend
  • Bollinger band and RSI
  • Bollinger band and ADX

Lecture 8

  • How to select 100% pure profit stocks for intraday and positional trading
  • Intraday stocks selection : Occtans trading tool
  • Positional and intraday stocks selection

Lecture 9

  • How to select 100% pure profit stocks for intraday andpositional trading
  • Moving average crossover
  • RSI(uptrend)
  • RSI(downtrend)
  • Bollinger band

Lecture 10

  • What is multi time frame analysis ?
  • multi-time frame analysis, is the process of viewing the same currency pair under different time frames.

Lecture 11

  • Basic of option(CE & PE) And Futures

Lecture 12

  • Strategy of call and put buy
  • Strategy of call and put sell

Lecture 13

  • The Most important 6 pillars of trading
  • Risk management
  • Trading plan
  • Consistency & Patience
  • Probabilities & Psychology

Lecture 14 to 18

  • Tradingview over view & Pine Script coding , Algo Trading , Algosetup for all broker & Bridge , How to make high win ratio strategy , Back testing