Algo Trading Service Description

We Are The Service Provider Of Algo Trading. Algo Trading Is The Most Advanced And Futuristic Technique Which Enables Users To Trade Without Any Manual Intervention. Algo Trading Platform Is Based On Our Tried And Tested Predefined Logic. It Works Purely On Statistics And A Combination Of Technical Indicators Which Ensures The Highest Probability Of Successful Trades. Algo Helps Customers To Eliminate Emotions Based Trading And There Is No Need To Keep A Close Watch On The Market As Intelligence Is Built Into Programming.
Algorithmic trading is a process for executing orders utilizing automated and pre-programmed trading instructions to account for variables such as price, timing and volume. An algorithm is a set of indicator for solving a problem.

There is two type of Algo
  • Semi Algo
  • Fully Automated Algo

In Fully Automated Algo trading you need not to watch market or market direction (bullish or bearish). Based on your indicators, signal will generate and trade will be executed in your broker terminal. Based on your logic/program (analysis/trendline/profit & loss), you will exit from position. This is known as fully automated Algo trading. For this, you require accurate indicator to give proper indication of market and based on that you will take a trade.

We are providing full setup for Occtans indicators and Occtans strategies for fully Automated Algo.

Table for all ALGO strategy

We Have Develop Different Strategies On Banknifty, Nifty & Nifty 100 Stocks, These Indicators Identify Market Trends; This Indicator Is Made Exclusively For Banknifty &nifty On 15 Minute Chart For Intraday Trading. This Is Mainly For Long Position (ce & Pe, Atm) This Script Is Prepared And Published On Tradingview After Series Of Iteration And Back Testing Over Years With 80% + Win Ratio.

We Have Prepared This Indicator Based On Following In-built Indicators.

  • Relative Strength Index ( Rsi )
  • Bollinger Band
  • Moving Average (ma)
  • Average Directional Index (Adx)
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (Macd )
  • Volume Weighted Average Price (Vwap)
  • Supertrend
Strategy Name Win Ration Win Loss Total Entry Point Profit (2 Lots)
CEPE SCALP 5 MIN 84 % 101 18 119 18,000 4,50,000
OCCTANS_EMA_KK 5 MIN 74% 23 8 31 3524 88,100
EMA 15 MIN 84% 26 5 31 6500 1,62,500
BOLLINGER 15 MIN 93% 95 7 102 28,500 7,12,500
BANK NIFTY CE 15 MIN 92% 123 11 134 33,300 8,32,500
BANK NIFTY PE 15 MIN 88% 121 17 138 31,250 7,81,250
NIFTY CE 15 MIN 83% 104 21 125 7518 3,75,900
NIFTY PE 15 MIN 82% 167 38 208 13,955 6,97,750
TOTAL PROFIT IN 1 YEAR 41,00,500 /-
NET PROFIT IN 1 YEAR 40,33,900 /-